16 September 2011


Dall'età di 8 anni ho sempre avuto un debole per le salopettes! Allora ricordo di averne avute una marrone, una beige e una di jeans, che indossavo ripetutamente!
L'amore non è cessato, infatti ho continuato a comprare salopettes, corte, lunghe, larghe, attillate, con la gonna o con i pantaloni!
Ne ho avute davvero di tutti i tipi...
L'ultimo acquisto è questa bianca a pantaloncino presa da Mango con i saldi estivi!
Quest'oggi l'ho abbinata con una blusa vintage presa dai rimasugli della mia nonna paterna, delle stringate Zara e una borsa vintage.

By the age of 8 years I have always loved overalls!
I remember to have had one brown, one Beije, one jeans...!
Love is not stopped, in fact I continued to buy overalls!
Short, long, wide, tight, skirt or pants! I've had all sorts really ...
This in the picture is my latest purchase made by Mango with summer Sale.
Today I combined the overall with a vintage blouse, vintage bag and Zara boot.

Overall Mango
Blouse Vintage
Boot Zara
Bag Vintage


cuteredbow said...

Beautiful salopette ! You look great !


Anonymous said...

lovely look!

Clara Turbay said...

I like this blog. i hope you can check out mine.


rachellellizabeth said...

~So cute! Love the overalls, and how you styled them

akiko said...

Love your overall! So pretty and beautiful photos :) -akiko


Nicole said...

Cute outfit! Beautiful photos!
Thanks for your comment!

Kisses from HK,

Constance said...

Quelle jolie ville!!


Karina Dinda R. said...

Amazing photos! Great post ;)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

India said...

nice pics! lovely outfit!

DanyGrace said...

Ma è bellissima! *_*

klepi said...

I love your photos :) nice blog :)

jeunes gens comme hier said...

You are really cute, I love your outfit dear ! <3


Anonymous said...

J'adore les salopette
Tes photos du cloché sont très jolies aussi

Diana said...

amazing pictures!
i'm following your blog now, hope you'll do the same)

Lice said...

OH, mi piace questa salopette :)

Peiyinn said...

Cute outfit! Beautiful words :)

Chilly Chick said...

great look, thanks for your comment

Cylia said...

that's such a lovely outfit!:D

Serena Tuzzo said...

Molto carina!!! Mi anche la scelta di indossare gli occhiali, completano il look. Un bacio, Serena

Miss Priyanca said...

love this look, very casual and easy!!

We are following you on Bloglovin!


Lynn said...

Nice overall, I like it!


june said...

Anch'io ho sempre adorato le salopettes.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

what an amazing background! and those overalls are perfection! i hope they really come back into style! i rocked overalls all the time when I was younger too! thanks for the blog lovin' girl! can't wait to read more from you!
xo TJ


Julia Penedo said...



La Mode En Rose said...

it looks great!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Jules said...

So beautiful!
I love those pics.

Ulrika said...

I absolutely love these pictures ! Love the overall, you look fabulous in it. :)


Laura said...

You look so cute in those overalls!!! =)

Vix said...

Those overalls are fabulous & it was such an inspired idea to team them with a ruffled blouse, you look beautiful. x

Laura Loves Clothes said...

J'adore ton blog aussi!! Tu es française?! :)

Preziosa said...

@Laura Loves Clothes : Je ne suis pas française, ma j'habite en Vallée D'Aoste qui est bordée par la France! Donc ici nous parlons à la fois français et italien :D